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Basic Computer Technology

নতুনদের জন্য কম্পিউটার কোর্স পর্ব ০১ । Work with Taskbar | Full HD Bangla tutorial

How to work Taskbar:

The taskbar is an import part of a Computer. Every operating system there has the taskbar. It’s located at the bottom of the screen(see the image below). You can move this taskbar to top or left or right side of your computer monitor. You can easily know which program is open now by this Taskbar.

The element of TaskBar:

You can pin you your any software in this Taskbar. It’s very easy and simple to add/pin software in this taskbar. Just open a software then click this icon and click pin this taskbar.

Normally or by default start button, task view, one browser, file explorer, internet icon, wifi icon, date and time and different icon stay here.

Watch the video for more details:

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